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3 Meditations Without Sitting Down For Busy Days

Too busy or restless to meditate? after a day at the office the last thing you want is more sitting, right? You will be surprised how many meditation opportunities you have in a day, without even having to sit down. Infuse your day with these 3 mini meditations and a restful mind & calm body are for grasps ;)

1. Grocery Shopping

Putting one foot in front of the other while you’re on your way to the supermarket can become a meditation!

Deliberately place your feet & actually feel the action of the muscles.

You’ll be amazed by how your mind immediately stops making lists and focuses on what’s actually going on.

2. Waiting For The Metro

Instead of zoning out & checking your e-mails, check in with your breath.

Count your breaths, add a mantra like inhale space, exhale release, or inhale ham, exhale sa. see if you can get your in- & exhalation even.

Before you know it, your metro has arrived & your mind is calm :)

3. Doing The Dishes

Is this something you’re postponing because you simply hate it?

Not anymore: make your dish washing a moment of ultimate bliss :)

  • become aware of the temperature of the water
  • feel the texture of the plates & cups while you’re slowly cleaning them
  • feel the muscles that are needed to clean, dry and put away stuff
  • listen to the sound of the water when it moves

This might sound strange to you, but I promise this is an AWESOME way to get you back into the moment & reconnect you to your body.


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