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5 Tips If You Want To Follow Your Heart

It has been 3 years already since I left my job as an editor for a Dutch magazine to become a full-time yoga teacher! since then, many people have asked me how & why I did it. And especially how I overcame the fear of leaving a day job. I will share my experiences here in the hope you will find some courage & maybe even change your life into the one you always dreamed of :)

1. You Will Always Be Afraid

Of course you are afraid! We’re not talking about changing your day cream brand, we’re turning your life upside down.

Try to analyse your fear: is the fear fed by limiting thoughts, like “what if I fail?” or “what if I won’t have enough money?”.

Or is it fear that is arising from deep down in your core, your intuition, a knowing that this is not the direction you should go to? If it’s the latter, it’s ok to listen to it.

If it’s fear based on all the things that could go wrong: use it!

Write down the thoughts that fuel those feelings of fear. Those are the things you can (peacefully) look out for once you’ve made the change.

For example: I was afraid not to be able to live from teaching yoga only. so I also stayed in touch with some Dutch media just in case I wanted to write again. I also started teaching Dutch to a sweet lady that provided a small, but steady side income. following your heart doesn’t always mean cutting everything you did before.

know that you will always be afraid. but also know that this fear will turn into regret when you listen to your feelings instead of your heart!

2. What Is The Worst Thing That Can Happen?

Ask yourself: what is the worst that will happen?

You fail. So what? Failure doesn’t exist, it’s just an experience that teaches you something. We often think we are only successful if we never fail, but how would be possibly gather all that beautiful wisdom if everything always worked out well?

I blew it many times, but I don’t see that as failure at all.

I’m glad I had those experiences, because they brought so much wisdom!

When I arrived in Madrid, I didn’t know a single thing about running a business. Nada. So I just started somewhere & when that didn’t work out, I tried something else.

you don’t even want to know how many different methods I used for promoting my classes before I discovered what was the best. (hanging flyers on street lamps until I realised that was forbidden & they were removed the same day by a cleaning guy)

I changed my class schedule a million times before finding out that early mornings before 9 are not that loved by people in Madrid. the only way to know if something works, is trying it!

3. Start Small & Dream Big

Following your heart doesn’t always mean quitting your old job & moving abroad ;)

It can be a small thing that is implemented step by step into your life. This prevents the fear from taking you over completely & it gives you the possibility to test things.

That doesn’t mean you can’t dream big!

I think this is the number one thing that keeps me growing: fantasising about what would be so awesome it is almost too ridiculous to do it :) But in my experience, once you commit to making these dreams reality, they will come true!

4. Don’t Know What Your Heart Is Telling You?

You will feel when you’re in the right spot.

Don’t expect it to be easy or comfortable though!!

Often the things that are most important for our soul’s evolution, will challenge us the most.

They will make you doubt yourself, create frustration, but deep down you will always KNOW that this is what you are put on earth for.

Ultimately, they will make you feel better! they won’t drain you, depress you or hurt you. it will be challenging, but it will be the best ride of your life!

5. Trust In The Universe / Mother Nature / God / You

Whatever you believe in, even if it’s just you, trust in it. Trust that it will guide you & that whatever you put energy in, will grow.

If you keep on putting energy in the things that drain you, you will never be able to make a change.

I remember sitting on the floor one evening after arriving in Madrid, calling my mom while crying I didn’t know what to do anymore. She told me that I could always come back to the Netherlands and work as a journalist again. that I didn’t have to do this. “Never.” I said to her. “THIS is what I’m meant to be doing.” 

Thinking of how my life was before, I realised this was the best choice I ever made. Even if then I was still not making a single cent with my classes, didn’t have a steady group & only knew 3 people in Madrid. 

So even in the midst of frustration and doubt, deep down I knew this was the right path.

Trust that everything will be all right! Because it always will. Maybe not in the way you expected, but in an even more awesome way :)


Now I would love to hear from you: is there something you have been thinking of doing for a while but don’t dare to?

List 3 concrete action steps below in the comments to get you started. Make them small, doable and concrete. Know that every BIG DREAM starts with just one step. You got this.


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  • Reply Brenda Pulido January 23, 2017 at 6:33 am

    Enjoy dancing and share the joy with people in my community.
    Start taking dance classes regularly.
    Become a dance teacher so that I can event have my dance academy. Let’s do this!

    • Reply Eliza Coolsma January 25, 2017 at 3:57 pm

      awesome Brenda! did you start already?
      wishing you much happiness with your future dance academy!<3

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