Ayurveda For Yoga Teachers

Ayurveda for Yoga Teachers Level 2 (online, live streamed)
February 4-6 
20 hours Yoga Alliance continuing education credits
Friday February 4 – 6-9pm
Saturday January 5 – 9am-1pm & 2-5:30pm
Sunday September 6 – 9am-1pm & 2-5:30pm

Yoga & Ayurveda were always meant to be taught together (that’s why we offer lots of Ayurveda in the 200 h Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training). Ayurveda is the umbrella under which yoga falls. But somehow most of us lost the connection to Ayurveda in our modern yoga practice.

In my humble opinion, teaching yoga is challenging without an understanding of Ayurveda. Once I started to explore the deep wisdom of Ayurveda, I could offer my students the right yoga for the season of the year or the season of their life. I never had ‘no inspiration’ for a class as Ayurveda taught me what was needed that time of the day or season. It even helped me to design private classes to help heal imbalances.

But – maybe most importantly – it taught me how to be compassionate with myself and my students: we all have tendencies that might bother us or those around us, but by knowing our constitution, we understand these tendencies are simply expressions of our energetic makeup and that we have simple tools to ease our way back to balance.

As an Ayurvedic Health Counselor, yoga teacher and yoga teacher trainer, I’m so thrilled to be offering Ayurveda for Yoga Teachers level 2! One beautiful online 20 hours of continuing education weekend that will deepen your teaching and create more wellbeing in your own life and the lives of your students.

We’ll dive into the subdoshas (where exactly the doshas are located in the body) which will help us understand why for example vata needs thigh stretching and pressing the hands & feet together in tadasana, why pitta needs side body openeing and both shitali & shitkari pranayama and why kapha benefits from cactus arms & deep backbends.

You’ll also learn about the transitions between seasons and of course you will get to understand yourself better through receiving these practices.

The course includes: 
  • 3 60 minute practices
  • 5 Ayurvedic lectures
  • 2 Integration Assignments
  • Manual
  • Closing Mantra, Restorative or Pranayama circles
  • 20 Continuing Education Credits for Yoga Alliance
Topics covered in Level 2
  • subdoshas of vata, pitta & kapha
  • imbalances connected to the subdoshas
  • pranayama, asana, meditation & mantra to help heal these imbalances
  • how to adjust your instruction & cues for the doshas when teaching pranayama, asana & meditation (with gunas, subdoshas, etc.)
  • Ayurvedic lifestyle applications to help heal these imbalances
  • fine tune your understanding of the seasons and transitions between seasons

– you have either completed level 1 or have taken the 200 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with Lucy & me or have studied Ayurveda during another yoga teacher training or course
– you are willing to explore your own constitution and tendencies first, before helping your students


Sliding scale prices for 20 hours of training:
Budget option (covering the cost of this training weekend) €159 (or 2 instalments of €84)
Normal price (the actual price) €239 (or 2 instalments of €125)
Pay it Forward Price (making the budget option available for someone else) €299 (or 2 instalments of €310)

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How to Join

– Please send me an email via eliza.coolsma@gmail.com as a confirmation of your attendance
– Make a bank transfer your chosen payment to Maria Elizabeth Coolsma, LT98 3250 0064 5431 8844, REVOLT21
– OR pay via www.paypal.me/ElizaCoolsma ticking box ‘paying for friends’ to avoid any additional fees

I’m looking forward to sharing this amazing wisdom with you!