Ayurveda for Yoga Teachers Level 2

Online 20 hours Continuing Education for Yoga Teachers
20 hours Yoga Alliance continuing education credits
Friday September 17 – 5-9pm
Saturday September 18 – 9am-1pm & 2-6pm
Sunday September 19 – 9am-1pm & 2-6pm

This 20 hour Continuing Education Course for yoga teachers is merging the wisdom of yoga & Ayurveda to create more balancing, seasonal, healing yoga classes.

If you finished Ayurveda for Yoga Teachers Level 1 or have completed the Homecoming Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training, then this course will give you an even deeper understanding of Ayurvedic Anatomy through the subtle layers of the doshas & also the subdoshas.

You’ll understand where imbalances are coming from and how to help heal them with yoga (asana, pranayama, meditation & mantra) and Ayurvedic lifestyle practices.

This will allow you to not only design sequences for general imbalances in the doshas, but also more specific ones connected to the subdoshas, like headache, stiffness, lower back pain, insomnia, lethargy, craving sweets, etc.

You’ll be able to fine tune your sequences for the subtle seasonal changes in the place where you live. 

The course includes: 
  • 3x 90 minute practices
  • 5 Ayurvedic lectures
  • 2 Integration Assignments (with feedback from me)
  • Manual
  • Certificate upon completion of the course
Topics covered in the training
  • subdoshas of vata, pitta & kapha
  • imbalances connected to the subdoshas
  • pranayama, asana, meditation & mantra to help heal these imbalances
  • Ayurvedic lifestyle applications to help heal these imbalances
  • how to create a short questionnaire for private students in order to design a specific (sub)dosha balancing sequence for them


– you have either finished our 200 hour Homecoming Vinyasa Teacher Training
– OR have completed the the Ayurveda for Yoga Teachers level 1 course (20 hours which you can complete before we start in September)
– OR you have completed another Ayurveda course or training that gave you the basic understanding of the doshas and how to sequence for each one
– you are willing to explore your own constitution and tendencies first, before helping your students, friends & family


Early Bird price €299 when paid in full before August 20 2021
Instalments: 4 payments of €79 on August 20, 30, September 5 and 10 2021

How to join:
– Please send me an email via eliza.coolsma@gmail.com as a confirmation of your attendance
– Make a bank transfer of your full discounted payment or first instalment to M.E. Coolsma, Madrid, IBAN: NL31 INGB 0009 2721 77, SWIFT: INGBNL2A
– OR pay via www.paypal.me/ElizaCoolsma ticking box ‘paying for friends’ to avoid any additional fees

I’m looking forward to sharing this amazing wisdom with you!