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How Thinking Doesn’t Give You Any Inspiration + 5 Ways To Get Great Ideas

Ask yourself this: when was the last time you got a Really Good Idea? Was it when sitting behind your computer, staring at that blank document in front of you after 2 hours of thinking, cursing and procrastinating? Or was it in the shower, during a walk in the forest or even in the middle of the night? I bet it wasn’t at the office.

During my job as an editor for the Dutch fashion & arts magazine ELEGANCE, I always dreaded the moment of actually writing the article.

I knew it would mean a couple days of procrastination, followed by a day of pure frustration and ultimately a few hours of intense stress & cursing while obsessively typing myself into a carpal tunnel syndrome.

And the result was never satisfying, let alone genius. I knew I didn’t use my True Creative Power.

Once I swapped my office job in the Netherlands for a life as a full time yoga teacher in Spain, I decided my blog had to reflect only TRUE inspiration. not frustration.

So the first months I didn ́t write so much. I just taught a lot of classes, enjoyed the city of Madrid and went on trips in nature.

But little by little, ideas started to flow into my heart.

Yes, heart! Because I really FELT the ideas. They arose from way deeper than my mind and usually in the middle of a physical activity.


They came out of those scarce moments where our body, mind & breath are one. Does that ring a bell?

Of course! YOGA! :)

If I need inspiration for a yoga class, blog post or life situation, I step on my yoga mat and just move without thinking where to go. my body will start to take me to wherever it wants to be at that moment & my mind will quiet down.

I will feel connected again to my True Creative Power, which is much more a body than a mind thing.

Apart from yoga, here are 5 other ways to spark your creativity. And as an added bonus, they will clear your mind & connect you to your body. awesomeness :)

1. Dance

Just like yoga, dance is an activity that connects you to your natural, spontaneous or sahaja way of moving. put on your favourite song and dance in YOUR way.

Don ́t think about what to do next, just close your eyes and FEEL the movement arising from your bodily intelligence.

DSC_0170 copy2. Go Outside

Many great artists have used nature as their biggest inspiration. That isn ́t so strange if you
realise we are a part of nature!

So to connect to ourselves again, we need to reconnect with nature. The luscious green of the trees, sound of the waves or simply the warmth of the sun: it will all have an instant effect on your creativity.

So go outside & enjoy!


3. Meditate

Since the thoughts in your head can hold you back from creating your master piece, we need to clean them up a bit.


Meditation is just becoming aware of whatever is present at that particular moment. Thoughts included!


❤ for the next minute, with your eyes closed

❤ watch the rising & falling your thoughts, your breath, the sensations in your hands & feet, the sounds around you,

❤ the temperature in the room, the space in your body, etc.

❤ relax into this moment & try not to judge.

4. Be Creative

Sounds contradictory right? But to invoke creativity, it often helps to do something creative.

For example: if you need to write an article, do this simple writing exercise by writing down everything, but really everything you think without lifting your pen away from the paper.

This will clean up the mess and leave you with tons of words, phrases or even headlines you can use for your work!

5. Cook

I love cooking as a tool to take a break from a creative process & reconnect to my body &
nature. I try to cook with as many different veggies as I can.

Not just because it makes me feel extremely healthy & happy, but seeing all those different colours just does something to my creativity.

It ́s not rare that I jot down 5 ideas during the cooking process. So try it!

I would love to hear which of the ideas above you are ready to give a try! And of course, if you have your own way of sparking your creative power, let me know!

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