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A Dynamic 5 Minute Core Practice For Busy Bees

No time? Not even to read this? No problem: this super simple but awesome dynamic core practice will get you energised, strong and ready for the day in 5 minutes.


  • start in Boat Pose with your knees bent
  • take an inhalation here
  • exhale lower down until your back & legs are hovering above the ground
  • inhale up
  • exhale down
  • repeat 10 times



  • start in Downward Facing Dog
  • lift your heels and bring your chin to your chest until you can wave your spine forward
  • use your core strength to do this and not just your hips
  • as you arrive in Plank Pose, pull the navel to the spine, round your back & coil back to downdog
  • keep moving forward and back on your breath
  • take your time and make sure to move only from the core, not from the hips
  • repeat 10 times


  • start in plank pose
  • bring your right elbow down underneath your right shoulder
  • bring your left elbow down underneath your left shoulder
  • now place your right hand back underneath your right shoulder
  • then place your left hand back underneath your left shoulder
  • keep ‘walking’ up & down, alternating which side goes down & up first
  • the challenge is to keep your hips as still as possible, which requires a lot of core strength
  • repeat for 5 more rounds


  • after your last plank up & down, stay in forearm plank for 5-10 breaths
  • challenge yourself & keep breathing long & deep


  • after your forearm plank, bring your knees down & rest in child’s pose
  • stay here for 3 breaths
  • then sit up on your with your hands behind your feet
  • press your chest & hips up to the sky
  • stay here for 2 breaths
  • then lower down, take another deep inhale through your nose and exhale out of you mouth
  • enjoy your day!

Want more core? Check out my core video on YouTube.


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