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3 New Years Healthy Habits That Also Help The Planet

I say self centered new year’s resolutions are old fashioned. Let’s create healthy rituals that also help the planet. Because we can’t be healthy unless our planet is healthy too…

1. One Vegan Day A Week

Not all of us can get away with being 100% vegan, since we all have different body & blood types that require different types of food to keep us healthy. And yes, for some that means a little bit of organic animal protein every now & then.

That doesn’t mean that we should have animal products every day.

Spring for example is a season in which we all benefit from less animal products and a more vegan diet. We also know how much impact the production of meat has on the planet.

So let’s commit to one vegan day a week. If we all do this, it will have a BIG impact!

Make it a dinner party with your friends for extra positive impact & fun.

Tip: find out your blood type & dosha and eat accordingly! For example, I’ve got blood type A so I usually thrive on a vegetarian diet and only consume some cheese and eggs outside of spring season as my Ayurvedic dosha (pitta-vata) does very well with some cheese in winter months.

2. Skip The Avocado

Why? If it’s not local, it’s not super healthy (and avocado is not local in most countries in Europe..).

Foods that are imported not only pollute the planet on their journey, they are usually also traveling for a long time which means they loose life force & become less healthy to consume.

And did you know most of them are harvested unripe so they make it through the long trip without becoming rotten?

They were not ready to be eaten, so we should avoid imported foods as much as we can for the sake of our digestion and the planet.

3. Evenings Are For Books & Meditation

I’m very guilty of this too, so it’s one of my intentions this year: less screens and more books, meditation & conversation in the evening.

The blue light of screens messes with our sleep (our anscestors used to fall asleep with the orange glow of a dying fire, so orange is much more sleep promoting) and of course our devices are using lots of precious energy.

Aim for 2 hours without screens before bedtime for better sleep. 

If you don’t want to meditate alone, create a weekly meditation circle with friends and simply meditate together in silence : )


Let me know what healthy habits you’re committing to this year that also help the planet. 




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