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How Life Forced Me To Stop And Relax

As you might already know, I’ve been looking for a new yoga space for quite some time now. To be exact, for over a year I’ve been actively searching for our new yoga home almost every day. Why? Because first we heard that our beautiful little basement we had until last December was going to be turned into a paella restaurant (I know :D) and now, we also have to leave our new (but initially temporary) space because of the neighbours not liking the fact that we exist.

The complaints are that we walk barefoot through the hallway, we open the door, we use incense (the doorman smokes in the hallway!) and soft music.

So basically the universe thought: if I have to make her leave those two places because that don’t fit her energy anymore, then at least I’ll make sure she’ll have a laugh. And I did! The reasons for us having to leave these two places are so ridiculous that I actually feel ok about it.

But what now? I need a new space for us in September and Madrid as a city is kind of closed during August. What do I do? I rest.

Looking back over this past year of searching for a new yoga home, nothing felt right, nothing flowed. But I was so scared of losing my business, or actually losing the amazing yogis & teachers that are part of my business, that I forced the process.

But when there’s outer force needed to manifest something, it’s a sign that this is not the right path.

Every time I found a gorgeous, seemingly perfect place for us, something happened and it was impossible for me to rent it. I got some really hard ‘no’s’ from the universe, like ‘impossible’ licenses, walls that were in the way of the yoga room (I mean, if that is not a literal metaphor, then what is!) or a landlord who thought yoga wasn’t religious enough (I know haha!).

And I now see so clearly why: something better is coming. Every time this happened for me in my work, there was an enormous upgrade and positive result for all of us, not only me. The whole reason we have 22 classes a week, 6 amazing teachers a teacher training coming up and amazing retreats, is that in the past I also got these ‘no’s’. And look at where we are now!

And since we’re in Mercury Retrograde as I write this, it’s the perfect time to reflect, evaluate and reconsider all that makes up my work. I’m already brewing so many new projects and amazing retreats for you behind the scenes, that I will announce once this planet decides to move forward again ; )

But there’s another reason for all these seemingly ‘unfortunate’ situations. It was time for me to relax. I have been mothering full time while running a full time business over the past 2.5 years. So that means I’ve been giving 200% of my effort most of the time.

That’s not sustainable in any way. And I appreciate this little nudge in the right direction. Rest is coming for me after my annual Yoga Holiday Italy next week. I’ll be absorbing the ocean air in Italy with my husband’s family and then enjoy the cool breeze and lush green in my home country the Netherlands.

And during that time, I the perfect studio will come to us! Because this amazing yoga tribe deserves the very best!

If you’ve also had some hard ‘no’s’ from the universe, let’s dive into this resting phase together. Let’s get comfortable being a little uncomfortable with the unknown. A solution will ALWAYS come.

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  • Reply Kajsa Ohlson September 11, 2019 at 11:48 am

    I am in a very odd situation as well. I have also awakened as you beautifully written and I feel so amazing although the only places I have worked in are receptions in different companies and I just don’t fit in there anymore. I want to learn more, study more yoga and spirituality, but now I need to find a job cause we bought a fantastic wooden house in Escorial with a meditation house/ yoga house. It’s like universe also is telling me it’s not the right way with my job interviews as for some reason nothing is working out so far. I want to be surrounded by spiritual people as much as possible although my two beautiful boy’s are showing me the truth everyday even when I can’t see it. I send some strong loving energy to you and your team. I was just browsing and saw you and really wanted to write back. My house isn’t ready until May. But all goodness to you. Hope to meet you one day.

    • Reply Eliza Coolsma September 11, 2019 at 2:32 pm

      hi Kasja, thank you for your message and thank you for sharing your story. what I’ve learned so far is that everything is always working out for us, even when it looks like nothing is working out ; ) a house in El Escorial sounds amazing, maybe that can be your focus for now? you say you want to learn more about yoga & spirituality. feel welcome to join one of my classes or even my teacher training starting this October (7 weekends over 7 months:). maybe meet you soon & enjoy your house and family! xoxo

  • Reply Lili July 28, 2019 at 10:12 am

    Totally off-topic, but I got to ask, I hope you dont mind! I really like your jacket, could you tell me which brand it is? Thank you a lot, especcially also for your videos which allowed me establishing a regular home practice <3 namaste!

    • Reply Eliza Coolsma August 5, 2019 at 12:39 pm

      hi Lili, I think I bought it in a little shop in Madrid, wouldn’t know which sorry.
      I love hearing about your home practice! more videos will be published soon : )

  • Reply Sophie July 18, 2019 at 8:53 am

    Exactly right! I am in a similar place too right now. Wishing you peaceful rest and a strong bounce back for you and your tribe, all is coming!! Namaste

    • Reply Eliza Coolsma August 5, 2019 at 12:38 pm

      thank you so much Sophie! <3

  • Reply Rosanna July 17, 2019 at 4:39 pm

    You are so right! Rest, breath and let yourself be guided, the perfect space is coming! Thank you for sharing this, it has reminded me to do the same! Let the universe take control! X

    • Reply Eliza Coolsma August 5, 2019 at 12:37 pm

      great to hear Rosanna! let’s trust the devine timing : )

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