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The Best Advice My Own Yoga Mentor Gave Me

It was a hot day, my son hadn’t slept so well and I had a million errands to run. I was exhausted by the time dinner was ready and I had to leave for my evening class. I usually always look forward to my classes, but today I felt the deepest resistance.

So I dragged my tired body to my studio and had some time to light the candles and put on music before my students would arrive. While I was waving around a palo santo stick, wondering how on earth I would be able to teach a dynamic class feeling this exhausted and disconnected, I remembered something my own yoga teacher Shauna told me:

“I’m not a man, I’m not a woman, I’m not a person, I’m a teacher. I can give only what I have.”

Immediately I felt my muscles relax and my overactive mind get at ease.

This little mantra had always helped me in those early days of teacherhood when I was too scared or nervous to stand in front of a group of yogis who had a certain expectation of what was about to happen in class.

I forgot about it as maybe I didn’t need it as much as I did back then, but these intense days motherhood combined with running my own business have been the most challenging on my teaching path so far. So I needed the mantra to remind me that I’m not the drama we all create in our mind about how tired we are, how we suck as a teacher, how people won’t love our classes (I know you have this too, we all do as teacher since we all have egos ; ).


I’m not even a mother during the hours that I teach. I’m a teacher. I’m here to serve whoever made the effort to come to class. I’m in service of the people who are craving a little moment of reflection on a busy day. I can only give what I have and what I have is enough.

And ironically, these classes where I think I can’t do it, are usually the most magical: I feel so much more connected to source because my ego is out of the way. I’m just there to serve. 

Do you recognise this as a teacher? Let me know in the comments.

And please know I’m here to help. Just like my own mentor Shauna has helped me in my early teaching days, I am here to be your guide when you feel stuck, scared or out of inspiration.

You can book a One Hour Mentorship Call with me to work on any challenges during class or in the preparation of your classes. We work with your specific (business) goals and make sure you’re reaching the people who need your classes most. Because they are out there, trust me! You can book your call here.

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