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The Yoga Of Activism

Yoga is everything. There’s nothing in this life that doesn’t have the promise of yoga – union – in it. Everything we do can be yoga.

I feel that in modern day yoga, we see the practice as a completely separate thing from other aspects of our lives. Something that we do and then not do. We’re immersed in the magic of existence for a moment, and then make tea and forget about it.

What if we could make tea and still practice yoga? Or better yet: what if we could ESPECIALLY practice yoga when we make tea?

That’s where the real magic happens. And that’s when yoga becomes activism.

A yoga practice often feels like a big contrast with the hustle of modern life. Most of the time we’re asked to live in our head because of competition at work, paying the bills, combining multiple roles in very little time.

But there is another way: we can let yoga become part of our life. And therefore not only heal us deeply, but heal the planet.

We can start seeing the ever present silence beneath the noise. The stillness underneath the fast pace of our life.

To me, this is true yoga. And it’s the only yoga I’m interested in.

If our practice on the mat isn’t creating some ripple effect in our life and therefore the lives of others around us, it might not be the right practice. Yoga can have a profound impact on the world, if we let it.

As Mark Whitwell says: ‘Your personal Yoga practice is activism. It is the first act of ecology as it takes care of “the wild,” your own body and life.’

When the awareness of this amazing body that we have, that is a gorgeous unique manifestation of source energy, flows over into awareness that EVERYTHING we see is a magnificent manifestation of source, that’s when we can start to deeply take care of all that is nature.

This awareness means we will feel the news that the amazon rainforest is burning in every cell of our being. And yes, that is hard. We will no longer be able to ignore or turn away from the suffering around us.

But that same awareness can then help us to overcome the despair that sometimes comes from being aware of suffering. We can accept the truth as is, send love to everyone involved and then take action from a place of peace.

This is our task as yogis. We MUST act.

There’s no purpose in pulling the arrow back with our practice, if we then don’t let it launch it, with love, into the places that need healing.

Your existence is no coincidence, neither is it a coincidence that your soul choose to be born in this time where we truly need to heal the planet through healing ourselves. You are meant to be part of the solution. And I love you for that : )

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