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What Empty Yoga Classes Say About You

We’ve all been there: you’ve got this super flow prepared, downloaded your playlist on Spotify, brought your favourite essential oil with you to sprinkle around the room and even adjusted your outfit to match the ocean theme of the class.

You arrive at the studio and 2 people show up. You leave the door open hoping that there was a metro strike and everyone’s just late. But 15 minutes into your class you realise it’s ‘just’ going to be you and these two students.

What does this say about you as a teacher?


Absolutely nothing.

You know, I truly believe that there are enough people in this world to create full yoga classes. And that the students who need you as a teacher, will find you.

So if that’s true, then why aren’t your classes packed?

Well, my guess is that any of the below is what is happening:

1. The weather is too good and everyone’s hanging out on a terrace instead of spending an hour indoors with you & their mat

2. The weather is bad and no one wants to walk / bike/ hike through the rain and rather stays on the couch watching Netflix (wouldn’t you??)

3. Your schedule is not exactly right for your students. Ask them if this is a good time to practice or if they’d rather have an earlier / later class. Don’t just ask the ones that did show up (they can obviously make it ; ) but also post a poll on any social media platform you’re using

4. You’re not reaching the people who need your classes. Maybe you’re on the wrong social media platform (does your ideal student use instagram or is she too old for that and rather uses facebook?) or you haven’t put yourself out there yet. Maybe you’re not ‘present’ enough in their lives for them to remember you’re actually teaching the classes they want!

5. This one might sound a bit weird, but I found it to be an important factor in filling up classes: you’re not trusting enough that you will teach to as many people as you wish. Again, there are ENOUGH students out there for you & you have to both do the work and trust that they will find you

Are you insecure about your class sizes? Or do you need help filling them? Join my bi-weekly Group Calls for Yoga Teachers or book a One Hour Mentorship Call with me for personal advice.

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