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Discover Your Life’s Purpose

‘The purpose of our life is to discover the purpose of our life’ Maria Garre

Who am I? Why am I here? Why did this happen to me?

For me, these questions got answered last summer, when I decided to book a reading with a wonderful clairvoyant woman called Scarlet LePair. (she’s Dutch but does readings in English too) I don’t believe there is such a thing as coincidence, so when my cousin told me she had a reading with her, I took it as a sign to book one too.

The reading said something I already knew deep down: I’m here to connect people back to themselves and to nature. I knew this, but still it was nice for my mind to get a confirmation.

But more importantly, knowing my life’s purpose and looking at what I’m currently offering in my work, means I did listen to my intuition as I am exactly where I’m meant to be in my life right now.

That meant leaving my journalism job in the Netherlands without knowing what I would be doing in Madrid. It meant taking baby steps in building a yoga tribe and ignoring everyone who said I should get an office job instead. It also meant I had to accept not earning a lot for many years. But deep down, I always knew it would be ok. I ‘simply’ followed my intuition and trusting that my soul had a plan.

And in moments when I let my mind decide, it wouldn’t last: I was too scared to leave our old studio that didn’t feel like a right fit for a long time, so life made sure I was kicked out instead ; )

Do you know your life’s purpose?

Along the way, I have come up with some questions that helped me understand if I was going into the right direction. They can serve as a little quiz you take every now & then to feel if you’re still on track. Enjoy : )

Discover Your Purpose Quiz

Please first get quiet before answering these questions, so the answers come from within, not just from the mind. Take a few deep breaths, burn some incense, anything that helps your mind to get quiet. Then read the questions and write down whatever comes up for you in the moment.

  1. If anything was possible (and it is) and I had an infinite amount of time, energy and money, what would I be dedicating my life to right now?
  2. Which people have led me to where I am right now?
  3. What in my life gives me the deepest joy and infinite amount energy?
  4. If I had to work for free, what would I do?
  5. What life lessons keep coming back to me?
  6. What at the time disastrous events happened that ultimately led me to become more aware and raise my vibration?
  7. What would I like to be remembered for?

Once you’ve written your answers down, zoom out and look at the golden thread that connects them all. Repeat as often as you like, especially in times that feel intense or when you feel lost.

Remember that you’re no coincidence! You are meant to fulfil a great purpose in this lifetime. I was reminded of that during our Vinyasa Teacher Training. That showed us how 15 amazing women have stepped into their purpose of becoming a yoga teacher. 






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