The Best Advice My Own Yoga Mentor Gave Me

It was a hot day, my son hadn’t slept so well and I had a million errands to run. I was exhausted by the time dinner was ready and I had to leave for my evening class. I usually always look forward to my classes, but today I felt the deepest resistance.

So I dragged my tired body to my studio and had some time to light the candles and put on music before my students would arrive. While I was waving around a palo santo stick, wondering how on earth I would be able to teach a dynamic class feeling this exhausted and disconnected, I remembered something my own yoga teacher Shauna told me:


Discover Your Body Type

If you’re feeling lost in the forest of advice on how to eat, move and sleep, no wonder! Most health advice is contradicting or confusing because it’s based on the latest research, not on the oldest system of wisdom in the world: nature : )

We forget that we ARE nature.

So our bodies function just like the natural world around us: they change with the seasons, have different needs & ‘rules’ and do better without toxic or synthetic substances.

Ayurveda’s wisdom is based on eras of testing and, most importantly, on nature. It tells us that each living creature in nature has 5 elements in it: earth, water, fire, air and space.


The One Thing Most Yoga Teachers Forget

Did you ever take a class that was so perfectly paced that it made you lengthen and deepen your breath while your movements become effortless?

How do they do that?

You might be wondering how to figure out the right pace for your own classes and don’t know if you’re going too fast or too slow.

Now while there isn’t a set rule for what the perfect pace is, there is certainly one thing that helps you find the right pace for you and your students.


A Simple Cleansing Morning Ritual For Spring

Spring has arrived in most of the northern hemisphere! Even though nights (and days!) can still be cold and we might be surprised by some snow or frost, nature has already started the transition to the new season (which always takes some back & forths weather wise ; ) and has moved from the stillness of winter to the energy & growth of spring.

Our bodies have also started to prepare for warmer weather by melting fat (if we eat the right foods, more on that below) and the liver is ready to flush toxins.

This simple cleansing spring morning ritual will support this detox process & energise you for this exciting new season that’s perfect for new beginnings.


3 Essential Tips For New Yoga Teachers

You’ve earned your yoga teacher certification. Yay!

But now there’s a room full people who are staring at you while you feel the first pearls of sweat running down your face and your mind is going in overdrive:

Wait! Did I shave my armpits this morning? Gaah! What if I mix left with right? Shit, I didn’t ask if there were any beginners. How long have I been standing here? Did I download my playlist from spotify? What if someone has done yoga longer than me?