3 New Years Healthy Habits That Also Help The Planet

I say self centered new year’s resolutions are old fashioned. Let’s create healthy rituals that also help the planet. Because we can’t be healthy unless our planet is healthy too…

1. One Vegan Day A Week

Not all of us can get away with being 100% vegan, since we all have different body & blood types that require different types of food to keep us healthy. And yes, for some that means a little bit of organic animal protein every now & then.

That doesn’t mean that we should have animal products every day.


The Happiness Diaries Of Yoga Teacher Juan Gabriel

Juan Gabriel is someone who can warm your heart with just his smile. We met in the Netherlands during a teacher training of Shiva Rea (founder of Prana Vinyasa) – of which he is an affiliate teacher trainer – and we felt a connection straight away.

He’s now coming to Madrid to share the first official Prana Vinyasa workshops in our studio.

Originally from Chile, he grew up traveling the world and is now based in Belgium from where he still crossed the globe to inspire yogis with his gentle, yet playful and warm personality & teaching.


3 True Self Care Practices

Self Care. I see this everywhere. How important it is to do self care rituals. But then all I see if people laying in a bath eating a mount everest of chocolate or having a face mask on while binge watching netflix.

To me this has little to do with self care.