My Top 3 Ayurvedic Travel Tips & Yoga Poses

Wondering why your skin dries out but you’re bursting with creativity during a flight? It’s the air element! Traveling (especially through the sky) increases vata, the Ayurvedic constitution with the most air & space.

To prevent arriving on your holiday destination all dried out & restless and instead enjoy that airborne creativity, follow my top 3 Ayurvedic travel tips & yoga poses and you’ll be glowing all summer.


You Have Important Shit To Do

‘Mother Teresa didn’t walk around complaining about her thighs – she had shit to do.’ Sarah Silverman

I’m currently finishing my Ayurvedic Health Counseler studies and recently learned about the real reason Ayurveda & Yoga are here to get us healthy:


My Cleansing Summer Morning Ritual

When the seasons change I don’t just change my diet, I also change the way I move & I adjust my daily rituals.

This morning ritual is for summer days or moments throughout the year when life makes you feel overheated & impatient.


The Only 3 Rules You Need For A Healthier Life

Lost in the forest of health advice? It doesn’t have to be hard to create radiant health!

Here are my top 3 simple health rules that I stick to no matter what. It doesn’t take overwhelming changes in your lifestyle but will have mind blowing results for your health.


A 60-Minute Liquid Flow Playlist

I LOVE practicing to music. I think that the right music can really change the depth of your practice.

Thats why I’m sharing my 60-minute liquid flow playlist with you.

It’s perfect for dynamic practices, themed around free flow movement & water-like waves.