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Discover Your Body Type

If you’re feeling lost in the forest of advice on how to eat, move and sleep, no wonder! Most health advice is contradicting or confusing because it’s based on the latest research, not on the oldest system of wisdom in the world: nature : )

We forget that we ARE nature.

So our bodies function just like the natural world around us: they change with the seasons, have different needs & ‘rules’ and do better without toxic or synthetic substances.

Ayurveda’s wisdom is based on eras of testing and, most importantly, on nature. It tells us that each living creature in nature has 5 elements in it: earth, water, fire, air and space.

Humans also have these 5 elements, but all in different proportions. Knowing these proportions makes it really easy to eat, move and sleep well for YOUR body.

Why? Because of this simple ayurvedic rule:

Like increases like, opposites balance. 

Think of your body in summer. If you would eat spicy food, exercise vigorously and have a fight on a hot day, you would get completely overheated. But if you would have a cool drink, go for a relaxing swim and watch the sunset with a loved one, you would feel cool & calm.

This is exactly how the body types work: once you know which elements are most dominant in your constitution, simply add the opposite elements with foods, exercise and rituals and you’ll start to thrive!

Below, you’ll find 10 characteristics of each body type. Write down how many are true for you overall in your life (so not just the last six months). Make sure to be honest with yourself and answer what’s really true, not what you’d love to be true.

After the quiz, look at where you had the most ‘yes’es. For example: vata 8, pitta 5, kapha 4. This means your body type is vata. Or maybe you had kapha 7, pitta 7 and vata 3. That means you are a kapha-pitta.

Enjoy the quiz and remember to be honest : )

VATA | air & space
  • I’ve got a thin, light body frame
  • I’ve got cold hands & feet most of the time (even in warm weather)
  • I’ve got dry skin & hair
  • My energy comes in bursts and I get sudden bouts of fatigue
  • I’ve got a sensitive digestive system or irregular digestion
  • I’m a light sleeper
  • I love adventure & change
  • I love talking & communicating
  • When I’m out of balance, I worry & get anxious, suffer from weight loss, hypertension, arthritis, digestive issues and restlessness
  • When stressed I ask myself ‘what did I do wrong?’
PITTA | fire & water
  • I’ve got a medium body size & weight
  • My digestion is excellent
  • I’m often warm and don’t like heat (and hate sleeping in a warm room)
  • My sleep is sound but not long
  • I plenty of energy and don’t like resting
  • I have an good ability to concentrate & am good at making decisions
  • I love being the center of attention
  • I have a lustrous complexion
  • When stressed I ask ‘what did YOU do wrong?’
  • When out of balance, I’m argumentative, short tempered and can suffer from heart burn, rashes or indigestion
KAPHA | earth & water
  • I’ve got a strong & sturdy build and great stamina
  • I have soft skin & hair
  • My eyes are large and soft
  • My sleep is sound and long
  • My digestion is regular
  • I have a calm, thoughtful and loving personality
  • I love routine
  • I am steady, patient & supportive of others
  • When stressed, I tend to avoid the problem and say ‘I don’t want to deal with it’
  • When out of balance, I gain excess weight, hold on to things (stuff, jobs, relationships), am resistant to change or suffer from asthma, diabetes and depression

Wondering what to do with this? Book a Body Alignment Session with me. I’ll create a plan for you with Ayurvedic nutrition, yoga videos and daily rituals designed to keep your body type healthy or to heal any current imbalances.


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