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Do You Trust That Everything Will Be All Right?

You’re climbing up a steep mountain, little pearls of sweat are running down your face. You’re looking at the trail in front of you. It seems endless! You’ve been climbing for ages now & it seems the top of the mountain is just as far as when you started. That image came to me last week when I had a little insight on how to really let go.

I was teaching a fire yoga class & encouraged everyone to let go of something that was no longer serving them. Then, when everyone was chilling in shavasana, I started thinking about that big thing that I still didn’t manage to release in my own practice.

And then I realised: I was only focusing on the big mountain path in front of me, but forgot to actually look back down the trail and notice how far I’d come.


It’s very likely you already forgot it because you already released it!

And didn’t that thing back then seem like the biggest mountain to climb of your entire life?

Well, you’re here now, 6 months later and that BIG THING suddenly is not so important anymore.

This teaches us to have trust in the process: in the end, this moment will pass, just like any other moment before. Obstacles on the road will appear, but you will always find your way. Just like you’ve done a million times before.


1. imagine you’re on a mountain path (your life ;))
2. look back down at the trail & notice all the steps you already took
3. write down 3 things you have released or overcome in the past 6 months
4. now write down the situation you’re struggling with at this moment
5. write down how you’ll look back at that, 6 months from now, up the road
6. write down: I can trust that the outcome of this situation will be the best possible

I believe in you & I know you you’re going to rock this month :)

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  • Reply Carolina April 15, 2016 at 10:25 am

    Dear Eliza,
    I was reading carefully your posts…they are brilliant… We are really lucky to have you in Madrid! :)
    Thanks a lot for your care, your guidance and the peace and magic you put in our lifes….namasté!

    • Reply Eliza Coolsma April 15, 2016 at 10:59 am

      you’re the best Carolina!
      thank you for your positivity & energy! that’s what keeps me going : )
      a big hug for you my dear! <3

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