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Easy Cures For 3 Embarrasing Yoga Problems

Yoga is supposed to be the most relaxing thing on earth, but some embarrassing situations can make it rather frustrating. Even stressful! These easy tips will help you deal with 3 embarrassing yoga situations that most ladies have experienced at least once, so you can enjoy yoga & forget about the rest.


#1 farts during yoga

Really, I don’t care if anyone farts in class. I’m actually used to it.

I’m also used to the freaked-out face of the girl who (apparently) did it and the girls next to her (so I can’t tell anymore who did it) because she thinks I think she did it. So much stress & not much yoga!

We are humans. And what do humans do? Fart : )

I’m always surprised that for men farting is a non-issue that is almost encouraged by their friends. But when women release a bit of air, it’s gross…because we’re supposed to be delicate princesses all the time!?!?

If you’re ever in my class & you’re a women & you fart: good for you!!

You just did something wonderful for your body: release the pressure from your belly so you’re able to actually enjoy child’s pose or that seated twist. Holding gas in is not so nice for your organs so let it all go girl ; )

The less you care, the less the people around you will care.

Oh and yes I’ve accidentally let go of some air in class once or twice too ; ) Hey, I’m human!


#2 guys behind you enjoying your downward dog

This is a tricky one, because you cannot walk up to the guy and tell him to stop looking at your fabulous bum (even though you & I would love to). Here’s why:

1. the guy is probably not aware of his instinctive behaviour, he just couldn’t help himself

2. it will make the situation worse because now he’s aware that you’re aware

3. he won’t admit it. and if he does, it will actually make the situation more embarrasing.

My advice is to prevent the whole situation before you even enter the class.

Look, we cannot control if a guy enters class late and takes the only free spot behind you.

What we can control is our yoga pants.

Yes, ladies let’s face it: not all leggings are suitable for yoga. Some show a bit too much if what’s underneath.

So what I do to see if the leggings I buy are yoga-proof: I do downward dog in the changing room and look in the mirror behind my back. That way you’re sure that if someone (accidentally) looks at you from behind, there’s nothing more to see than a great bum in great yoga pants : )

And let’s admit it: when there’s a good looking guy doing a really great chaturanga, you’re not really focusing on keeping your shoulders back either ; )


#3 snoring in savasana

A male friend & yoga student once referred to savasana as ‘the nap’.

I wasn’t even surprised: all men fall asleep during savasana. Really, all of them. And they snore too.

Just to be clear: savasana is not a pose where you’re supposed to sleep. It’s a pose where you try to let go as much as you can WITHOUT dozing off.

But sometimes we’re just so extremely tired, that even our womenly overactive mind switches off and we fall asleep.

During yoga teacher training I often woke myself up during savasana by my own snoring. I was so embarrassed! I wish someone would have woken me up before I did with my own nasal sound.

So let me take away your fear of snoring in savasana:

The moment I see or hear you falling asleep, I will wake you up.

I’ll try to get you back by either giving a relaxing queue, something like ‘let the space between your eye brows relax even more’ (never woke up a guy with that, but never failed to wake up the ladies with this queue : ) or I lightly touch your toes which will gently bring you back to the space you’re in, away from dreamland.


I hope this helps you to REALLY enjoy your class without any hesitations.

Share this with a friend who’s doing yoga and could benefit from this too : )


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  • Reply Suzanne Otero December 14, 2016 at 3:14 pm

    Love this and your honesty. I only use your videos at home as I am a homeschooling homemaker and always have my kiddos with me. I’ve shared your videos on YouTube a few times with friends via Facebook. Adore that you are now pregnant, if not already had your new bundle. Congratulations! Can’t wait to see post baby workouts.

    • Reply Eliza Coolsma December 28, 2016 at 3:16 pm

      delighted to read your message Suzanne! amazing to hear you’re doing yoga while being a mom and homeschooler. I can’t imagine how busy that must be! you’re a hero : ) my son was born last month and I’m loving every part of motherhood.
      will upload some videos with him soon ; )
      keep up the amazing work and ‘see’ you on youtube!

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