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My Cleansing Summer Morning Ritual

When the seasons change I don’t just change my diet, I also change the way I move & I adjust my daily rituals.

This morning ritual is for summer days or moments throughout the year when life makes you feel overheated & impatient.

S T E P #1   R E F R E S H

Right after waking up, I splash cold water in my face. Not just once, no, 7 times! There’s something magic about the number 7: many religions & spiritual practices include the number 7.

But you could of course adjust the amount of splashes to your lucky number : )

Afterwards I feel like my skin is cleansed & my mind is refreshed.

S T E P # 2  C L E A N S E

Time to take care of my teeth & mouth! I first brush my teeth, scrape my tongue (you can get a tongue scraper for about 3 euros at most big supermarkets) and then swish coconut oil around in my mouth for 5-10 minutes.

After spitting out the oil, I rinse my mouth with water & floss if I have time.

S T E P #3  S O O T H E

I then take a shower and massage my body with olive oil (make sure to use good quality extra virgin olive oil, in fact never use oil that’s not extra virgin!).

If I feel overheated, I add 1 drop of essential peppermint oil to my olive oil and if my skin feels like it needs a little extra love, I add sea salt to the oil so that the mixture it exfoliates my skin.


S T E P #4  E N E R G I S E

After my shower I drink two tall glasses of water & either do my yoga practice or a quick workout.

In summer I really never workout outside of the cool moments of the day, so I try to always move in the morning. It makes me feel amazing all day long!

My favourite yoga poses for summer are twists and gentle back bends as they help to release heat. And if I work out, I make sure there’s always a nice cool down included.

Now it’s time for breakfast & an awesome day : )

This ritual takes me about 20 minutes in the morning. If I don’t have much time, I combine things like the oil swishing with the shower or while preparing breakfast.

Committing to this makes SUCH a big difference in how I feel during the day and makes me able to deal with the heat a lot better!

Want to know much more about how to stay cool & refreshed in hot weather? I’m sharing summer rituals, yoga & nutrition guidelines this Saturday in my Summer Soulstice workshop. Join me here.

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