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The Happiness Diaries: Green Make-Up Artist Emma

In this series I’m asking people who inspire me about their secrets of staying happy & healthy, so you can get inspired too. Green make-up artist Emma, who did my hair & make-up for the photo’s on this website & taught me how to do my bridal make-up, will share how she stays happy & healthy. Plus: a super easy & delicious DIY hair mask recipe!


1. Are you a happy person?

“I am. Of course I have some normal stresses about what my path is, if I have enough money, those kind of things. 

But then I breathe & think of what I already made happen.

For example, moving to Madrid was a big dream I made happen. I feel like I was meant to do this. I put all my energy into coming here and going away from the rush of London, and it worked! My friends say I look more relaxed since I’m here.

That doesn’t mean the little gremlins in my head aren’t still there. But lying awake? No, I love sleeping too much for that.”

THE HAPPINESS DIARIES2. What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

“Make tea. It takes me a while to wake up in the morning, so I like to take it easy. One thing at the time. I always take my tea with me to my early morning classes. Tea keeps me going!”

3. What brings you back to balance?

“It depends on what I need at that moment. I’m in tune with my body and always try to listen to it. So sometimes it’s a run or yoga, sometimes sleep or a glass of wine with some friends.”

4. What’s your favourite lunch recipe?

“Since I’m always on the go, I live things that are easy to take with me like gazpacho, nuts, apples and peaches. I don’t like to go to a restaurant alone between jobs, so I always make sure I have enough food with me.

I always listen to what my body needs at that day, as it’s always different.’

5. What is your beauty ritual?

“If I’m lazy, I use Bioderma‘s Cleansing Micelle Solution to clean my face and remove make-up.

For when I’m not lazy, I use REN‘s hot cloth cleanser. I apply the cream, thenx I soak a cloth in hot water, pat my face with it and then rinse the cloth and slush cold water to close the pores.

Afterwards, I spray with my home-made lavender spray. I make it with water, a tiny bit of vodka and 8 drops of essential lavender oil as that’s great for sleep. Then I apply La Roche Posay‘s anti-wrinkle retinol and overnight sarum from the French organic brand Sanoflore.

For my hair I use a mask that I make myself. It’s easy: mix some coconut oil with a few drops of essential thyme or rosemary oil and put it in your hair. Afterwards, wash it well to get the oil out. It’s great for my hair as I’m letting it grow.”

6. What did you learn about happiness in the last 10 years?

“I’ve learned to stop and feel the moment. That gives me a wave of happiness. 

I went on a little excursion last weekend on a motorbike and I love feeling the air and smelling different scents as you pass by damp trees, the earth.

I guess ten years ago I was more into social life in London and was more distracted. Now I’m more focused on the present moment.”

You can follow Emma on her blog:

photo Emma: Santiago de Leaniz

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