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The Only 3 Rules You Need For A Healthier Life

Lost in the forest of health advice? It doesn’t have to be hard to create radiant health!

Here are my top 3 simple health rules that I stick to no matter what. It doesn’t take overwhelming changes in your lifestyle but will have mind blowing results for your health.

#1 Eat With The Seasons

So simple and yet we eat salad in the winter and grilled meat in summer.

Eating with the seasons means finding out which foods are in season, buying fruit & veg that grow locally and keeping these three ‘rules’ in mind:

• eat more protein & healthy fats and avoid raw & cold foods in autumn & winter

• eat more salads, legumes and spices and avoid mucous producing (wheat, dairy) & oily foods in spring

• eat more carbs like fruit & veg and avoid fried & spicy foods in summer

Follow this and you’ll see amazing changes in your health & body!

#2 Workout Quick & Smart

I never had time to workout for an hour every day. Then I discovered you don’t have to!

Nature designed us for long walks (we were all nomads) or short sprints (think hunters & gatherers). So those hour long treadmill runs or marathons are actually not that great for your health at all!

What to do instead? High intensity interval training is my favourite thing (after yoga ;) and is extremely efficient & effective!

It takes no longer than 5-15 minutes of your precious time & will push you in a healthy way.

Here’s my 4-minute go-to HIIT workout

• 20 seconds jump squats

• 10 seconds rest

• 20 seconds mountain climbers

• 10 seconds rest

• repeat 3 more times

#3 Rest & Digest

Our body can’t function without rest. We have the tendency to go go go all the time until a vacation doesn’t do the trick anymore and we need a sabbatical.

This is not healthy at all.

In order to avoid burning out, we need to add moments of rest to each day.

This can be drinking a cup of tea in silence, practicing yoga, meditating, going for a walk, having a bath or getting a massage.

All these activities will switch on your rest & digest mode which is so super important to heal and restore balance from our fast paced lives.

As you might have noticed, all these things bring you back to nature and closet to the natural rhythm of your body. Because you ARE nature!

Which of these are you going to implement in your life tomorrow? Let me know in the comments.

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  • Reply Ellie Hehre June 6, 2017 at 4:26 pm

    Great article! I’m incorporating all of these into my life at this moment — eating with the seasons, hiit and 10 minutes of meditation. Liking the results so far!!


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