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Travel Survival Guide

Traveling is not always the greatest thing for your body. But luckily there are many ways to counterbalance all the sitting, hanging and jetlagging. Here are my favourite before, during and after habits for a happy, healthy trip.


#1 Before You Go

Traveling creates tension in the body because of all the sitting and standing. So make sure that before your flight or trip you’re walking as much as you can, to avoid complete inactivity.

Make a little walk at the airport and stretch a bit.

Avoid raw or cold foods and drinks as this will increase the air element which can make your body cold, dry and restless.

Go for some grounding foods instead, like soups, warm cooked vegetables, whole grain bread and nuts. Take a bag of ginger tea which is warming and soothing for the digestive system. This will balance the air element that is increasing during the flight.

#2 During Your Flight

Traveling by plane increases the air element, which creates dryness, coolness and restlessness in the body. No wonder so many people are scared of flying: a typical vata (air) imbalance is worry and fear.

To combat this, here are my favourite simple and easy ways to reduce the air element during your flight:

  • stay warm bring a scarf and sweater and make sure the cold air thingy above you is switched off
  • stay hydrated air plane air is super dry, so make sure you drink enough water (not too cold) and tea
  • stay grounded eat warm, cooked food before you leave & on the plane. avoid cold or raw foods
  • stay calm bring your favourite relaxing music, podcast or download my Flying Meditation
  • stay flexible stretch a bit during the flight to release muscle tension and walk a bit if you can

Bonus tip: I love bringing a little bottle of lavender essential oil with me and put a few drops on the scarf I’m wearing before I board. If I’m really restless: a few drops of Bach Flower Rescue Remedy usually does the trick.

#3 After You Land

Your body probably doesn’t feel super awesome after the trip. But there are some wonderful poses that can help.

My favourite counterposes for a post-travel body are:

  • pigeon pose
  • downward dog
  • warrior 2
  • upward facing dog

They open the hips and/or stretch the spine in the opposite direction from sitting: the perf But your body knows best so simply take 5-10 minutes to stretch and move in any way it wants.

If you have landed in a different time zone, what helps to get your rhythm back is going outside. Take a walk so your body understands if it’s day or night : )

Happy, healthy travels dear yogi!



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