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Tricks To Stay Calm & Prevent Colds This Fall

My favourite season is here! My heart just warms a little when I see the beautiful autumn trees in the warm sunlight. But with the change of seasons, comes a change in our bodies & minds. The air element increases during fall, both in our environment (think: storm) and inside our bodies (gas & worries). This is what you can do to prevent worry, anxiety and colds.

Nature transforms itself each season and so should we transform our yoga practice & perspective. Here are 3 steps to adjust your practice and smoothly transition to fall.


The falling leafs are an invitation to let go. It’s time to release not only the heat of the summer that has been stored in our bodies, but also the useless left overs of the year as we transition towards the end of a cycle during winter.

In your practice, focus on cleansing twists, but practice them with a gentle approach. Try to avoid any fierceness in your poses, instead invite softness and fluidity.

Twists will not only cleanse the organs, they will also release the excess heat from the body.

Before or after your practice, journal with this prompt:


Then write whatever comes up for you. Don’t hold back.


Next, you want to start adding relaxing autumn poses to your practice. This is great for relaxing the mind and even better for preventing colds: the immune system can work when your fight-or-flight mode is switched off. And when you’re stressed, that mode is switched on.

Add legs up the wall pose, a longer savasana, restorative forward folds with pillows and blankets and alternate nostril breathing.

If you feel you just want to lay around on your mat: perfect! Follow your instincts.


Autumn is the a time when the light outside dims as we move towards the darkest time of the year. Observe how your body has the natural tendency to draw inward, contemplate and review.

Allow yourself to focus on what’s going on inside of you, rather than spending your day focused on the outer world.

That doesn’t mean thinking or analysing more: talking and thinking increases the air element, so keep a soft, relaxed focus on your body instead of your mind.

Here are some ideas to stay out of your head:

  • take a walk alone in the park and look at nature instead of overthinking your day
  • be with a friend without talking too much and just listen while checking in with your body
  • have lunch in silence without radio or television
  • spend time to chew your food and really taste it
  • journal about your day and then decide to let it go once it’s on paper
  • listen to relaxing music and just be




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