5 Day Core Cleanse




Feeling a little blegh from not working out, eating the wrong foods or too much stress? Are your willpower & belly ready for a boost?

Jump back into your practice with this 5 Day Core Cleanse!


This cleanse will give you a strong core, but that’s actually just the bonus. It will also:

:: support your digestive system
:: release lower back tension
:: boost your willpower
:: help you to get rid of bad habits
:: give you motivation to make healthy changes


I’ve selected my 5 favourite core yoga videos of past online courses that are no longer available. (So none of these videos are on YouTube) It’s a nice mix of up beat core work, standing flows, creative planks and more.

It’s for all levels of yogis! Just make sure you’re not pregnant or in your postpartum wave when doing this cleanse.


Upon payment, you will receive an invoice with the link to the webpage & its password.

You can access this page for 1 whole year after payment whenever you want to.

The page has all the videos, so you can follow the day-by-day guide for the first round and then access the videos at anytime you need a willpower & core strength boost!
:: this course is self-led, you can access the videos at any time for 1 whole year

:: 5 videos that build core strength, improve digestion, release bad habits & boost willpower

:: bonus relax & restore video for after the Core Cleanse

:: bonus tip on how to clean up your diet in 5 days
:: all core videos are under 10 minutes

:: the bonus video is 11 minutes

:: you will be able to access all videos at once, but there's an idea behind the order of the videos, so please follow the day-by-day guide