Peaceful Meditation For Fear Of Flying



Fear of flying is very common. But most of us have no idea where it’s coming from or how to rid of it. This meditation has a very different approach from most methods that try to ease the fear of flying.


What you might not know is that your fear is not caused by the idea of what could go wrong. It is there because of the increased air element. You’re high up in the air and you’re moving on high speed: all factors that leas to in increase of ‘vata’ or air in the body. In ayurveda & yoga, an increased air element or vata in the body means more anxiety, worry and fear than usually.


So no wonder you’re afraid of everything that could go wrong, despite the fact that everyone tells you there’s nothing to worry about.


This meditation will soothe your body and ease your mind. Not by telling you that everything is all right, but with very simple but effective breathing techniques and affirmations.


Happy travels!

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This meditation will ease your anxiety if you're afraid of flying.

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No meditation experience needed as this meditation is for all levels.

Downloadable mp3 audio track running for 19:31 minutes.

Eliza's voice, no background music.