Mentorship Meeting for Yoga Teachers

The yoga teaching path can be a bit of a lonely one. Yes we see our students in class and might meet another teacher on our way out before their class starts.

But how often do we truly get to connect to other yoga teachers and realise we share the same questions, challenges or doubts? Our Mentorship Meeting is here for you to give you the warm hug of a community of yoga teachers. 

We always start with a short 30-45 minute practice to nourish your own energy and evolve your practice.

One day it will be pranayama and namskars, other times it will be restorative yoga or yoga nidra.

Then we dive into the questions you have about teaching or your own practice, which I will answer from my own experience of teaching yoga for 12 years and from training and guiding yoga teachers. You will be invited to share your experience if you want to: you can be as active as you like or simply tune in and listen.

Our Mentorship Meeting will always be recorded and send out to all who have registered. It won’t be shared outside of this group.

Who can join?

Yoga teachers and yoga teachers in training from all backgrounds and styles of yoga. New teachers, seasoned teachers, teachers with a teaching hiatus, you are all welcome to join! The more varied our group, the more we learn from each other.


Wednesday April 27 2022 8-9:30pm CEST
Sunday May 22 2022 10-11:30am CEST
Wednesday June 22 2022 8-9:30pm CEST
Sunday July 17 2022 10-11:30am CEST
Wednesday August 3 2022 8-9:30pm CEST


Our Mentorship Meeting will be held through zoom. Please make sure to have a mat / practice space ready for the practice part.

Make sure to register with your normal email address, so that I can send you the recording of the meeting.

Exchange of energy

I know we’re not always earning loads with teaching yoga. But some of us do or have a well paid day job. That’s why I invite you to check in how much you can offer as an exchange of energy for 90 minutes of practice & support. Can you only pay the budget option? Perfect, someone else will be able to pay the Pay it Forward price which covers part of your payment!

In any case the prices are the same or less than what you would pay for a Vinyasa Immersion with me (less than €17.50 per meeting!) when you sign up for a membership for 5 months.

When you get a membership, you can join as little or as much as you like. You will always receive the recording afterwards.


  • 30-45 minute yoga practice
  • 45-60 minute Q&A with Eliza Coolsma
  • A community of yoga teachers
  • Recording of our Mentorship Meeting