Sleep Meditation



Not being able to sleep is super frustrating. We all have waves when sleeping is a bit more difficult.


But luckily there are some great & simple meditation tricks to help you: most sleepless nights come from a restless mind or body and this meditation will aid both.


The result: your body will be deeply restored and mind will calm down so you’ll be dozing off in no time. This makes not only for blissful nights, but also better days full of energy.


So you can enjoy being the awesome person that you are and make the world pretty with your talents without being exhausted!

You will be able to download your meditation on this website right after you purchase it.

Once you open the mp3, please right click on it to save it to your computer or iTunes. You can now take it with you wherever life takes you.
This meditation will ease your anxiety if you're afraid of flying.

You can listen to it during your flight or before, whenever you need it. It will give you practice tools to relax your body, calm down your breath & ease your mind.

No meditation experience needed as this meditation is for all levels.
This meditation will quiet your mind and relax your body deeply.

You can download it to your phone or music player so you can listen to it in bed or in the evening when you want to prepare for a good night's sleep.

No meditation experience needed: this is a meditation for all levels.
Downloadable mp3 audio track running for 8:25 minutes.

Eliza's voice, no background music.