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What Do I Eat?

It’s weird but it’s true: many women love looking at what other women eat.

Is it because it allows us to navigate through the maze of advice on how & what to eat? Or does it make us feel good about those cookies when we know others eat them too?

Not sure.

But I have to admit: I love watching what I ate videos & blogs : )

So here is mine.

Like with everything I do, I try to let nature & my intuition guide me in how I fuel my body. Also, I deeply believe that all (real) foods have a place in our diet in the right season & amount.

I’m vegetarian, but not vegan although I don’t eat dairy in spring (not great for us during this season and milk in spring is for baby animals : ) I am currently trying to limit my gluten intake as I’m breastfeeding & my son Leo seems to get rash when I eat cows milk or gluten.

Verrrrry hard for a Dutchie who loves bread with cheese and I do believe grains are amazing for you when you’re not allergic to them, but apparently tiny babies cannot always digest all the food that my body magically turned into milk. And hey, it’s worth a try if it helps Leo and I know his digestive system will get stronger in a few months.

I never counted calories but I do know I need 500 calories more a day when breastfeeding.

Well, let me tell ya: I’m sure I’m getting those as breastfeeding makes me feel like a hungry teenager!
7:00 am waking up

Leo has a great inner clock and wakes up 12 hours after we put him to bed (well, 12 hours interrupted by at least 3 ‘snacks’ for him and currently he likes waking up even more : |) so I always kind of know when my day starts.

I make sure I brush my teeth & scrape my tongue before I put any food or drink in my mouth and on good days I like oil pulling with coconut oil, usually while I’m in the shower as multitasking is my thing nowadays.

I start with warm water & lemon juice (if I didn’t forget to buy lemons, that is) as it makes me feel fresh & purified.

9:00 am breakfast

My days are an organised mess, so to say. So my breakfast porridge is being cooked while I’m in the shower and gets a stir with my hair still dripping and a towel around my neck.

(yes I did forget I started the oatmeal cooking a few times after I was with my shower, so that was a fun extra long pan cleaning session)

Today’s porridge features everything I could find to make it a bit fancier: rice milk, raisins, apple, cinnamon, honey, bee pollen.

I had a really great cup of green sencha tea which was still hot when I drank it m, which I consider an accomplishment!

11:15 am tea time (sort of)

While Leo is trying new sounds, I made another green tea.

This brand is new to me as I usually use green tea leafs, but the package looked so nice I gave these bags a try. I’m s sucker when it comes to packaging!

Liked the tea a lot. And no I didn’t drink it when it was still warm as I first had to deal with two poop-up-to-neck dramas.

1:05 pm unplanned stroller snack

I don’t like snacking. Ayurveda is very much pro 3 meals without snacks and it feels better to me too.

But since I was starving on my daily walk and planned to have lunch soon anyway, I had 3 corn crackers with carob.

Big Mistake. Didn’t fill me up at all. Only made me hungrier. Lunch didn’t happen until 3:15 pm as my little man decided to use me as a pillow for 1 1/2 hours.

3:15 pm lunch

I usually have lunch around 1 pm but as I said my life is an organised mess so I have to go with the flow now that Leo is in my life.

Sweet potatoes are a life saver! Since I try to avoid gluten a bit, these babies give me energy.

I’m not into elaborate cooking at all. I love just throwing things together that I feel like eating and try to use seasonal veggies in at least 3 different colours.

This salad was a nice combo of sweet potatoes, rocket, quinoa, radishes, raisins, hummus and tahini-lemon dressing.

Nothing special but made me happy nonetheless.

4:50 pm tea & workout

On colder days like today I like my tea with a bit of almond or rice milk.

Just before my workout (5 minutes of hiit + 4 minutes of Pilates to recover my core strength) I had a rooibos tea with rice milk & honey.

Was starving again already but made myself wait until dinner.

6:00 pm dinner

If you’re living in Spain, you’ll probably laugh at my dinner time.

But you know, I never understood Spanish meal times.

By the time it’s dinner time here, I’m so exhausted I want to go to sleep! Which is what I usually do now that I know that mister-snacks-all-night will wake up again soon!

Today so many things happened at dinner time (bed time ritual, Skype call, husband coming hone) that I just had some radishes & hummus and baked potatoes my husband made the night before and were inhaled before I could take a picture.

9:30 pm bedtime tea & second unplanned snack

Almost every day I underestimate how hungry breastfeeding makes me, hence my dinner is usually way too small.

So I fell for another corn cracker (mistake again) and some dates. I had my usual camomile tea with it to help me wind down from the day. Not even picture worthy : |

If you’re still reading this, I’m impressed! Hope you love looking at other peoples plates as much as I do ; )

Let me know in the comments below me if you want another one of these!

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  • Reply Ellie Hehre May 5, 2017 at 4:44 pm

    Hi Eliza,

    I love this post! Very fun to read and I do like learning about what people eat :)

    Can I ask what are your go- to hiit and Pilates exercises? I like to walk, run and practice yoga but want to get more into developing core strength and incorporating about 10 minutes into my day like you do seem very doable!

    Thanks and miss your lovely yoga classes! I used to live in Madrid if you remember and left in July 2015. Hope all is well and that you are enjoying life with baby Leo!


    • Reply Eliza Coolsma May 5, 2017 at 7:24 pm

      hi Ellie,
      of course I remember you! I miss you in class too! come back please : )
      the pilates routine I do is specifically for diastisis recti, the muscle split after pregnancy, so it’s probably not that interesting for you haha.
      but in terms of HIIT i like to do many different things! from Fitness Blender to Tone it Up on youtube to my own inventions. the key is 20-30 seconds hard work followed by 10 seconds rest. or even longer variations like 40-20. choose exercises that are either plyometric (jumping lunges, jump squats, star jumps) or full body strength moves (push ups, spider push ups, etc.) I like to do about 10-15 minutes in total but 5 minutes works well too! just make sure the 30 minutes work are hard enough so you want to rest haha.
      hope this helps a bit!
      big warm hug to you dear Ellie!

      • Reply Ellie Hehre May 22, 2017 at 8:45 pm

        Thanks Eliza!!! Great recommendations all. I will come back when I can of course :)

        A big warm hug to you too!!


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