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What To Do When You Had A Shitty Day?

You can hide underneath a blanket and cry, or you can do these 5 things. Up to you. ;)

1. Are You Still Breathing?

Ask yourself: am I still breathing? If the answer is yes, it wasn’t the worst day ever.

2. Be A Dog or A Cat

A dog doesn’t get grumpy when it unexpectedly started to rain during his walk, he didn’t bring an umbrella, a bus splashed a wave of water over him and the internet connection was down when he came back home. He just has his dinner and goes to sleep.

3. Acceptance

Just accept the fact that this was a day where 3450 things went the way you wanted them to go, instead of the usual 3459 things.

4. Everything Shall Pass

Know that everything, the good days, but also the bad, has an end. Nothing lasts forever, not even the worst day of your life.

5. Yoga, Of Course

Pick your favourite yoga video & do it.

6. Tea Solves All

Now drink a cup of your favourite tea, give yourself a hug and go to bed. Tomorrow is a new day :))

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