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Why You Are Out Of Balance In Spring & How To Fix It

Every spring and autumn, I get a lot more people who ask me for a 3 week personalised yoga plan.

Not because I promote more in spring & autumn : ) But because these transitional seasons are challenging for our bodies.

People usually feel heavier & tired after winter or they get into a bad sleep-bad diet-no exercise-everything feels like crap-viscous cycle.

Luckily there are lots of little things you can do to swing back into balance. Here are my top 5 tips for spring!

#1 slow down & check in

If we never stop & listen, we don’t even notice what needs balancing.

Take 5 minutes each day to just be. You can either meditate (close your eyes & watch your breath) or simply stare at the wall.

Notice what you feel. No need to analyse or fix it. Just observe.

#2 eat seasonal

In Spring, we need to take special care of our diet: less dairy, less fat & more leafy greens, more beans.

If you can avoid snacking, that’s a bonus!

#3 get acupuncture

I recently am more consistent with getting acupuncture treatments. I usually went twice a year to my acupuncturist in the Netherlands, but am now going to my acupuncturist dr. Hashimoto here in Madrid once a month.

This makes SUCH a big difference in just everything: I sleep, eat, move & feel better.

I highly recommend finding an acupuncturist nearby and getting regular treatments.

#4 work your core

Throw some extra core work in your yoga practice, like plank, chaturanga, boat pose and dolphin.

#5 balance your chakras

When one of the chakras is not aligned, the rest of your body will go out of balance.

Here’s a simple chakra balancing meditation you can do anytime & anywhere:

• visualise the colour red moving from your toes to your tailbone

• visualise the colour orange flowing through the pelvis up to the belly

• visualise the colour yellow radiating from you belly in all directions up to the heart

• visualise the colour green flowing into your heart & up towards the throat

•.visualise the colour blue flowing into the throat

• visualise the colour purple radiating from the space between your eyebrows

• visualise a radiant white or golden light shining from the crown of your head

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