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Why You Should Detox Every Day, Nutritionist Hikari Explains

Always wondered what all that detoxing is about & why you should do it in the first place? My friend & nutritionist Hikari explains why she is so passionate about detoxing all year long and why you should be too :)) I seriously love her way of looking at food & health, so I’m super excited about what she has to tell in this interview! 

1. why are you passionate about detoxing?

‘I ended up becoming a Holistic Health Coach after being ill all the time and finding a cure through an intense detoxification program. I discovered the regenerative power of the body once toxins are flushed out of the system. I then decided to specialize on detoxification protocols and offer my treasured discovery to the world.’

2. what’s the importance of detoxing?

‘Living in this day and age, the modern man has been exposed to an amount of toxicity never seen before in human history. Due to this, we are seeing an epidemic of cancer, diabetes and degenerative diseases. Personally, I think it is crucial for the modern man to learn how to detox on an ongoing basis to prevent him from degenerating due to this toxic overload.’

3. what’s your favourite way to detox?

‘By drinking organic home made green juice every morning and by using colon hydrotherapy regularly.’


4. how do we know if we are eating the right diet for out body?

‘We know by how we feel. Are your digestions easy? Do you have sustainable energy? Is your mood steady? If yes, probably your diet is right for you. You can be a vegetarian, vegan, raw foodist or meat eater and do things right if you practice this simple statement: “Eat real food, Mostly plants, Not too much”.

5. What’s your favourite health ritual? 

‘Doing morning mini-fasts whenever by body feels it needs a break… and not taking everything in life so seriously :)’

6. what’s your mission as a nutritionist?

‘My mission is to empower people who are living busy lives by showing them how to detox on an ongoing basis, so that they can live optimum healthy lives, regenerating their bodies… every day!’

7. when do you feel healthiest? 

‘When I laugh and have fun with my loved ones. Diet is only 50% of the story. The other 50% is our attitude and joy in life. The times I manage to feel connected to life together with a clean diet, I feel the healthiest :)’

Want a real experience of cleansing with Hikari? We made a super duper online Spring Purification with yoga, healing recipes and lots of love. Only available this May!

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    Hi Eliza! I would like to know more about this class. Where will it take place and time.
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      hi Ana,
      would be lovely if you could join!
      all the info & sign up is here on Meetup.
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