Online Yoga Teacher Mentorship

You’ve finished your yoga teacher training. Now what?

You’ve got this big toolbox full of poses, techniques & sequences but still need to find your own voice as a teacher. You might feel anxious about standing in front of a group with mixed levels of experience and are not comfortable yet with giving adjustments.

It’s easy to get lost when there’s no one to support you on your new path.

That’s why I’d love to assist you in your yoga teaching journey as your personal mentor & guide.

The Course

You’ll receive a form that you’ll fill out so I can see what you’d like to work on during our bi-weekly live calls.

We’ll meet online monthly where we work on the challenges that you are currently experiencing in your classes.

After our session I’ll send you an email with homework for in your classes or for during the preparation of your classes.

At the end of the course you’ll send me a recording of your private or group class and I’ll review it & give suggestions to make it more awesome.

I’ve been teaching yoga for 10 years, in the Netherlands, Spain & Italy.

I know how nerve wracking it can be when you’re in front of a new group of people and everyone’s expecting a perfect flow that’s exactly what they need that day, amazing adjustments, the right music, beautiful, inspiring words.

And then it just feels safer to stay on the little island of your mat so you won’t mix left with right and won’t accidentally touch someone’s bum when you’re adjusting them in downdog.

It’s all super scary at first!

But there are many ways to create more trust in your own ability as a teacher and create a sequence that’s right for everyone. Even early on right after your teacher training.

I’d love to help & support you creating that trust & confidence so you can share your beautiful gift with the people who need your classes!

Review from Courtaney Howe – Former Mentee

I joined Eliza’s mentorship course shortly after graduating from my 200 hour teacher training and it was one of the best decision I’ve made – Eliza is incredibly kind and so supportive and I loved our weekly calls!
From the very start the course was designed around where I wanted to go with my teaching, focusing on sequencing, themes for classes and creating a workshop.
As a new teacher I wanted to learn more about sequencing classes and Eliza gave me so many great ideas on how to do this. By learning more about how to structure a class I was able to take what I had learnt during my teacher training into my new classes and I still use these ideas and resources now when I’m planning my classes.
From the start of my mentorship course we began to design a workshop week by week around a theme I really wanted to share, not only did Eliza help me develop the idea, but she also gave me the confidence to teach it only a few months after finishing my training.
Eliza was always there if I had any questions, whether about designing my classes or any other questions I had as I moved from trainee to teacher.
I’m so grateful to Eliza for all of her guidance and I would definitely recommend this mentorship course if you’re looking to develop your teaching.

Who Can Join?

New yoga teachers who feel they would benefit from having a yoga mentor who guides them in:

  • feeling more confident as a teacher
  • creating sequences that work for all levels & bodies
  • finding their own voice & style
  • adjusting their classes for the seasons and times of the day
  • creating a schedule that works for them
  • assisting students of all levels and with different needs
  • having more fun teaching & less time preparing

Little recap of what the course includes:

  • a monthly live call where I help you with the things you’d like to work on and your homework
  • an email with homework after our session for you to work on in your classes and during the preparation of your classes
  • an evaluation of a recording of one of your classes that you will send per video to me: I will give you tips to make your classes even more awesome & even more ‘you’!
  • 3 months of support via email


The exchange of energy for 3 months of intensive guidance, inspiration & support is up to you! I’ve created 3 price options for you, so you can check in with what you can afford.

Plus, you can absolutely deduct this as a business expense. Cool, right? : )

I can’t wait to serve & support you on your wonderful journey as a yoga teacher!