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The Yoga Plan That Fits Your Work Schedule

Whether you run around all day, spend your day on a chair behind a desk or run after your kids, there is a yoga plan for every work schedule. I’ve made 4 different ones for 4 different kind of dynamics. Choose yours and enjoy : )

#1 if you have a seated 9-5 office job

Your body probably feels restless after a day of sitting but your mind is exhausted. Try a dynamic yoga style that is not too heating. Vinyasa is great, Ashtanga as well as long as you’re not too competitive and the room is well ventilated.

Hot yoga or heated vinyasa is not a great idea for you:

Your body needs the movement but a hot class will eventually burn you out and will make your mind feel even more drained.

Add one restorative class to your schedule to balance all the outward focused energy of your work. This will work wonders! Trust me on this one ; )

YOUR SCHEDULE: 2 flow classes & 1 restorative class a week

#2 if you run around all day

Your body & mind probably feels exhausted. From all the different things you needed to do, your mind might even feel a bit scattered or restless.

Restorative yoga (either a very gentle flow or more static poses) will do the trick for you:

It will restore your energy and give your mind a beautiful peaceful end of your day.

I would recommend adding one flow class to this schedule if you have time, just to get any extra stress out (stress is best released by movement, but it doesn’t have to be intense exercise)

YOUR SCHEDULE: 1 flow class & 2 restorative classes a week


#3 if you have a job that’s all over the place without regular schedule

Without a regular schedule, the mind & body have no anchor to stay calm and relaxed. So it’s natural if not only your schedule, but also your mind is all over the place.

What to do about this? Make your yoga your one steady thing of the day.

You might not find the time to go to a class every week, but I’m 100% sure you have 5 minutes in the morning. Now it doesn’t matter WHEN you wake up, but make it a ritual that after waking up, the first thing you do after going to the bathroom is practice 5 minutes of yoga. This can be with a youtube video or just on your own.

Roll out your mat the night before and put a sign on your bathroom mirror ‘just 5 minutes of yoga will make my whole day more peaceful & healthy’ and see what happens ; )

YOUR SCHEDULE: 5 minutes of yoga every morning when you wake up + 1 group class once a week or every 2 weeks whenever your schedule allows you to


#4 if you work from home or you take care of your kid(s) at home

Your challenge might be finding the motivation to actually go to a class, because you get caught up in work or taking care of things at home.

What will help, is planning your week on Sunday eve and scheduling your yoga classes for the week.

Make going to a yoga class a priority as it will allow you to work more efficiently or it will nourish you as a mother so you can nurture your kid(s) in return.

The advantage of being home is that you can create a nice home practice. Now this doesn’t have to be a massive 1 hour thing, not daily either. But once or twice a week, enjoy 10-20 minutes of yoga as a break from your responsibilities at home. You will see how this creates a ripple effect in the rest of your life.

YOUR SCHEDULE: 1-2 yoga classes that you schedule ahead & 1-2 times a week a home practice

Find what works for you & let your practice be in service of your body.

Need more guidance? I check out my Personalised 3 Week Yoga Plan that is designed not only to fit your schedule, but also for your goals, wishes and body type.



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