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Yoga Sequence Against Tension Headaches

Tension headaches are nasty and can ruin your entire day. But this little yoga sequence will refresh your head and give you the release you crave. If your headache stays or returns, it might mean that it’s time to take rest in your day, worry less and breathe more. Our bodies will keep giving us signals until we listen and it’s better to listen when it’s ‘just’ a headache. This sequence is the first step in taking better care of your body.

Please take full responsibility for your own health & make sure to breathe really deeply during your practice and focus mostly on the exhalations. Also drink plenty of water throughout the day.



#1 forward fold variation

Stand with your feet hip distance apart & fold forward with a slight bend in your knees

Interlace your fingers around your head and relax the spine foreward

Avoid pulling on the head, instead simply relax the weight of your hands on your head

5-10 breaths



#2 dolphin pose

Come to hands and knees & bring your elbows down on the ground in line with your shoulders

Lift your hips up to the sky, keep the spine long, press the elbows down

Bend your knees if you feel your shoulders or spine are collapsing forward & relax your head in line with your upper arms

5-10 breaths


DSCF5032#3 headstand variation

Come back to hands & knees and take child’s pose

Interlace your fingers behind your back and place your crown of your head on the ground in front of you, neck long

Life your hips up and stretch your arms away from the sitbones

5 breaths, then rest in child’s pose



#4 shoulder stand variation

Rest on your back, place your feet hip distance apart & lift your hips so you can place a block or book underneath your sacrum

Make sure the block is not underneath the lower back

Bring your knees into your chest or straighten the legs all the way up: choose what feels most relaxing

10-20 breaths



#5 seated meditation

Finish with a seated meditation

Close your right nostril and breathe only through the left for 10-20 breaths

Then breathe naturally and ask yourself: how can I take even better care of myself?



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