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You Have Important Shit To Do

‘Mother Teresa didn’t walk around complaining about her thighs – she had shit to do.’ Sarah Silverman

I’m currently finishing my Ayurvedic Health Counseler studies and recently learned about the real reason Ayurveda & Yoga are here to get us healthy:

So that we can spend time on more important things.

I’ll give you a moment to feel that for a moment.




Ha! A healthy body is NOT the goal! It’s a necessary ingredient for us to be able to do good shit, help others, fulfill our purpose, become enlightened.

I love this.

It makes all the rituals we do daily to stay in the flow seem less selfish & way easier! Effortless even.

That doesn’t mean of course that only fit bodies can do good shit!!!

We can all become the healthiest version in our human outfit. Whether that’s becoming an athlete or feeling strong & radiant while being a wheelchair.

But the important thing we can learn from this is to let go of self centeredness that’s often connected with getting healthy.


I feel that our health journey is sometimes just a cover up for looking good naked or pumping up our ego.

If that’s you, think about all the energy you’re spending on worrying about your butt, all the money spent buying expensive ‘super foods’ (all foods that nature provides are super in my opinion, otherwise they wouldn’t be there) and all the effort that goes into getting into a fancy-looking yoga pose (seriously, that’s not the point of yoga).

What if you would use all that energy, money & effort was used on doing good in this world?

I think it’s time we simplify our health practices (click here for an entire post on how to do that) – so that we have time for the important stuff – & connect our health journey to a bigger goal:

Feeling our best so we can go out into the world and get awesome shit done, help others & fulfill our purpose.


Here are some mindset shift tips to help you along:

• focus on feeling good instead of looking good

• simplify your health rituals & do them every day

• create an affirmation and put it on the fridge, bathroom mirror or in front of your yoga mat, for example: ‘I am working my core so I have the motivation to use less plastic’ / ‘I am meditating everyday so I have the patience to listen to homeless people’s stories’

• find something in the world (near or far) that ignites your inner fire and use this as your motivation instead of any superficial changes

• every time you exercise, eat healthy or meditate, send your good feelings & vibes into the world

• when you feel good, visualise that everyone else in the world feels the same way

• instead of celebrating a fit body with new clothes, celebrate it with a donation to an organisation you love (I love

I truly & deeply hope this stroke a cord with you.

I’m working on this mindshift too so let’s do it together! Let me know in the comments what your new focus will be.

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  • Reply Bill July 4, 2017 at 10:50 pm

    I like this posting. Yoga can be a purely physical experience, but Eliza reminds us that it can be so much more. As I transition into retirement, this posting is good food for thought as I figure out what my “new shit” is while society encourages me to be totally self indulgent. Thanks, Eliza!

    • Reply Eliza Coolsma July 6, 2017 at 7:39 am

      I love to hear this Bill! I think once people retire, it’s the perfect time to share their life’s wisdom with the world in a new way, maybe even in a more profound way. wishing you beautiful ‘new shit’! : ) big hug.

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